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Praying for miracles

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We ask God for a lot of stuff, a lot. Come on now, don't deny it. He's actually asked us to do just that. He actually enjoys us coming to him for everything. Thank you Lord. As I sit here writing, I'm interested in learning out of all the things we ask for, how many of us truly ask God for a miracle? I'm not talking about answers for this or that, but for God to move a mountain and bring a miracle? I started thinking about it, as I have been pleading with the Lord for a miracle this week. The new miracle I have been praying for, is a miracle to start with, so it's a miracle on top of a miracle so to speak. I've been praying for the last 2 years for this first miracle and so when I heard about it I praised God, because He did it! But now it's moved into a new realm, it needs a miracle on top of a miracle. It's funny how I have qualified it in my mind too. The first miracle wasn't that big of a surprise, I guess it's because I know my God and I believed He could do it. But today, the miracle on top of the miracle, it's taking me farther. Lord I know you can do it, but I want to feel it, I want to see it, I want to taste it. Lord, I want this miracle for your glory, for your story, for your testimony. Lord I know you can do this, but even my little faith is being stretched. I must confess Lord, I'm growing bold in demanding this miracle, but I'm also wondering how I will be if you don't do it. Will I shy away from you? What words will I say to those who know I've been praying hard for this, how will I defend you? (As if I even need to?) LORD, HELP MY UNBELIEF! It's silly really, but it's real. I can count on one or two hands, the number of times I have truly begged the Lord to move in a miraculous way. Has He ever not answered me the way I wanted? Yes.  Has He ever answered me the way I wanted? Yes. Did I give Him the glory? Yes! He's done both, and through it all I still love Him, but do I trust Him? My trust in the Lord is challenged almost daily by the will of my mind. It's amazing how faithful our good Father is, and how faithless we can be after all. Through this I have been wondering, why don't we ask for more miracles? I know why I don't. I've discovered it's not because I don't believe God, it's because I don't want to be disappointed, I don't want to be let down and I ultimately don't trust that God knows better than me. Isn't that the truth? Isn't that what holds us back from praying for miracles? From having peace? From publicly acknowledging the God of life? My heart is heavy this morning, because truly I tell you, the Lord has revealed my struggles to me and ever so sweetly He's working them out in and through me, through my life. But here's why my heart is heavy. It's because I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I still struggle. . .what about those who don't see the light, who are struggling to hang on by themselves. They are struggling to hold onto something that is perishable, something that can fail (our human bodies fail), they are lost without hope. My heart is heavy for those who have set You aside Father. . .for those who know the goodness of Your love, but have lost it, they have lost You. And it's not because You have moved, but because they have gone off and tried to do it alone. I know Father, because I do it. . .ALL THE TIME. Lord, I say the words, 'hear my prayers' as if it incites me to the front of the line with You, but there is no line. You are as personal to me as You are to everyone who calls your name. You are right beside me as if I am the only child in your entire kingdom, but yet, I can't get that through my head today. Lord I'm praying for a great miracle today. I am begging you to heal, to lay hands on, to save in the name of Jesus, the name of above all names. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. . .

Written 11/4/14

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