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Late Night Facebook Confession

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

There are days where I just want to cry at the injustices I see and then I want to apologize for posting silly comments about wanting a personal organizer or about eating fresh delicious veggies. When I’m fighting a war against evil that lets me know that there are children and families sleeping in tents across our borders, around the world, longing for the trivial “issues” of my day...people who didn’t ask to be there. Friends who are being persecuted in our own country for the color of their skin, their preferences, age, and so much more.

I didn’t ask to be breaks my heart...they didn’t ask to be where they are.

And then to watch as friends and others work so hard to stand up for ‘rights’ that don’t matter, while stomping on the rights of others.

And before you tell me your rights do matter, I want to know what are you trying to protect?

Because if it’s a bunch of earthly things, then just keep on walking...especially if you say your a Christian...just don’t even bother sharing. Jesus said if you want to follow him, you must be willing to lose it ALL!!! Believe me, I knot this phrase because it troubles me and it has ever since I had my daughter. Could I lose it all and still follow God? God and I talk about that all the time, and sometimes I struggle with the loss of tangible items, items that I endear.

Complaining about wearing a mask, having to close a bar or to shout about your political party being the best, the most Christian, the "right one," the "liberal one" the "conservative one," speaking out for "animals rights." There are so many things we as humans fight about and fight for, and at the same time, we forget to fight for each other, for human life, for ALL HUMAN LIFE!


That’s what I want to say! But I don’t, because I don’t want to fight, I want to UNITE! I want us to stop playing games, to stop being afraid and to be ALL IN. All IN for every human, made in God's image. They are, by the way, all of them!

And this doesn’t mean we throw out justice, or ignore sin, it means we hold the hands of the sinners, the violators, the persecuted, the sick and we love them hell out of them. We help them learn to walk with Jesus, to follow the laws, to learn from their mistakes. We don’t torture them because of the bad choices.

People wake up! We don’t get to take any of these things with us when we die. And there are people dying everyday, and they need us to care, they need us to love, they need us to read the word of God! And not to die on our worldly flags.

I have to admit, I don’t know what to do about all the things, heck this should be a long blog post, but I'm too tired to get on the computer (until today).

So there will be days I fight and share news and try to get y’all to pick up and fight with me (with not against). And I will ask questions too, because I believe, we all need to learn and ask questions. And then there will be days where I’ll delight in something delicious I’m eating, something new I’ve purchased and of course pics of my family, with blessings poured out all over us. We are so blessed! Thank you God! And then I’ll post funny stuff, hopeful stuff, yoga stuff, scripture stuff, I will do all the things.

But there are many nights, where my heart turns inside of me and I want to scream, and so I post one more thing...and if that one more thing turns one more heart toward love, then praise the Lord.

I love y’all...even the ones who I forget to call back, text or email, the ones I don’t post happy birthday to, the ones who blocked me long ago (extra love your way), and the ones who think I’m crazy. To the new friends who are probably asking, is she okay? I love y'all!

Love...let’s love more...

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