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Inspiration is All Around Us

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

It’s Day 4 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge and I’m laying here in bed at 10:44 p.m. thinking about today’s topic:

Write about someone who inspires you.

Gosh, there are so many people who have inspired me over the years. It’s truly hard to pick just one. Maybe I could make a list? Does it have to be someone from this moment? Eek, I’m having trouble with this one.

What’s the definition of inspire? Sometimes that helps me…

AH!!! This is super helpful for me! Definition 2 also reminds me of my yoga practice and how inspired I feel when I’m consistently practicing on my mat, with others or not. Growth in my yoga practice has been so inspiring. I digress.

On the daily, I see inspiration from my Instagram feed and my Facebook feed. And overall, I would have to say that those that inspire me, are the ones that are unabashedly telling the truth. So I can think of a few women right now, I’m so sorry, but this is not going to get nailed down to one person. I’m an inspiration gatherer or collector, ha!

They show themselves working, messing up, trying again. They talk about the wins and the losses, and yet they don’t dwell on them. They admit they are tired, frustrated or having a bad day and they also admit when they’ve had a great day. They share what they are learning and they post pics of food, cooking, cheese, wine, coffee, workouts, sunsets and an outfit they feel good in. They take selfies once in a while when they are feeling themselves and feel pretty.

They ask tough questions, they observe humanity, they celebrate kindness, they may love Jesus but they may not, I still find them beautiful. They are friends, they are famous, they are strangers, they are mentors, they are old bosses, and former coworkers, they are nurses, they are doctors, they are professional women, they are stay at home moms, they are single, they are all different colors, ages. But I love them. They bring me up on a rainy day and they help me articulate my pain on a sad day. They encourage me to heal, to workout, to get out of bed, to pray, to have faith, to keep going, to try again, to rest, to be free and to have courage.

If you are a woman I know, I’m most certain I can easily think of ways you inspire me. And if you don’t believe me, leave a comment below. Simply post the word “How?” And I’ll be sure to tell you, so you can be encouraged to keep inspiring!

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