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I got nothin

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Ever have those days...where you just feel like you've got nothin? Nothin good to say, nothin good to contribute, nothin good to do? Well, I know that it's not true, I know good and well I got somethin that no one else has. . . and so do you! Sometimes, though, these days have to happen. Why? I don't know, probably because the angel that was assigned over me got tired, sleepy and sat down for a bit. And that enemy, little bugger, snuck in with his crazy lies. Attacking my heart and brain.  Other times, I think God does it so we will ask Him for help.  Other times, I think it's just a time to be quiet and not think. Which is SO HARD FOR ME TO DO! Whatever the reason, do not fear (which is written in the bible over 300+ times), for the Lord your God (the Lord of heaven's armies) is on His way! On His way to rescue, redeem, uplift, inhabit, give joy, bring peace, and fill you with love! And I believe He's going to do that for me. . . now. . . maybe now . . . okay maybe I will need to give it a few more minutes. But I've learned that retraining my brain to look forward to the next A HA! moment is more fun that just sulking in the I got nothin moments. . . 

What do you think?

Written 1/20/15

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