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A Psalm of my own

This last week our Time to Revive team came together for Dallas Days. It was an awesome time of reflecting and praise and team-building. During that time, as a debrief, we were asked to write a Psalm of our own. It could be a Psalm of praise, thanksgiving, lament or confession, or a combo of each. It was a fun exercise and a great way to process what each of us went through and see it from different perspectives. So, I thought I'd share mine with you! If you're wondering what we were processing, it was 52 days of prayer, outreach and serving the Lord in Northern Indiana - check out what the Lord did here:

My Psalm Lord, You are my refuge and shield As I walk in the darkness of the unknown, You carried me. Through the dark room of a photographers studio, You gave me a glimpse, each day, of the picture You were developing.

My heart and eyes were anxious, my thoughts and fears raced to see the masterpiece. Lord, my own selfish desires clouded the picture, would I be a part? Was I truly helping? Where were the answers? And daily Lord, you quieted my fears, you provided my every need. You calmed my anxious soul. You give me grace to deal with others who put their desires and needs first. And humbled me to do the same. You wrote names on my heart to pray for, You brought strength and mercy to surround me. Lord, each day I doubted - You confirmed my place and in and through your word. Who is man that I should fear? Who am I but your daughter? That I should discredit your work in my life, that I should attempt to please others and not you over all! And in pleasing you Lord, You only ask for Praise! So as I seek to see this picture I desire above all,  You gently ask me to leave it and set it on your alter, and look only at Your face Lord. Lord, you are my refuge and my shield as I walk in the darkness of the unknown, You carry me.

Written 3/28/15

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