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When you just want to scream

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

It's been one of those weeks, where I just get caught up in the frustration of everyday tasks, in everyday communication. Where I'm striving to do a good job, but people aren't responding to me. Where I'm working hard, long hours, going above and beyond and no one pays attention. And of course this is all from my own personal, self-centered objective. . .

And so, when I do all that I can to be as clear as I can with my loved ones, my coworkers and the public at large, and the response is more confusion and chaos. . .I GET FRUSTRATED!!!

ARGHHHHH....I just want to scream, over and over!

And here I sit tangled up, mad and frustrated and I'm trying to figure out why? Why do I get this way? Why do others actions have such an impact on me? Why do I lose control of my emotions and feelings? And I know a lot of great book answers, I know a lot of "well, it's probably..." but those thoughts at this moment right here seem to frustrate me more.

What is it Lord, what is it? Remove it Lord, because I obviously don't have the strength to do it. Remove this awful frustrating and even tearful feeling I have right now. And show me Lord your ways, show me why this happens and help me learn how to put it to death.

I'm begging Lord, clean my heart. Holy Spirit, cleanse, because I can't find the problem, Holy Spirit fill me, because I feel emptied by this frustration. Holy Spirit minister to me, because I am tired and too emotional to deal with this right now. Protect others around me from anything I have said and done out of this frustration.

And seriously, friends, if you have any insight, any verse, any thing...I'm all ears, because my heart and soul need an attitude adjustment. (Obviously)

A work in progress, kt

Written 2/6/15

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