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Paying it forward

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

What a blessing the last two days have been, yesterday I was found feeling like a little kid, thanks to an old HR/Recruiting acquaintance, Facebook friend, and her sweet spirit, I have a Fit-bit! I'm so excited to get to stepping - well being the list person I am - I'm more excited to check the app and track things! Thanks to all y'all who offered up one, I am truly blessed. Then, today, baby girl and I went shopping and as we stood at the check out line our card did not go through, this has happened on occasion and it's embarrassing. I have to move aside with all our stuff and frantically call my husband to move money into our account, hoping we have it! I called and it kept going to voicemail, then he texted and said he couldn't talk right then, which meant he's on the other line, working hard...UGH!!! Well, as I stood there praying I could get him texted quickly, the woman behind us said, don't worry, I will take care of it and just like that she paid our $100 grocery bill - I WAS IN SHOCK - I cried, then baby girl and I praised the Lord and thanked her. Next we asked her her name and how we could pray for her, she said her name was Allison and to pray for her 3 kids and her grandchildren... WOW! Baby girl and I prayed all the way out the store and even in the parking lot as I kept crying...What a blessing, it's amazing to me, I just kept sitting there thinking, she didn't ask questions, she didn't make a big deal of it, she didn't judge - she just took care of it. Isn't that how God is? He just takes care of it, because of His son Jesus, He no longer asks if we deserve it or if we need it, He gives us His best. Thank you Lord! On a side note, here we are in December and yesterday I was reflecting on how much I have really stuck to my goal to not buy anything new for me. I said I would ask, borrow, find at a resale shop or if I happened to be given a gift card that would be the exception...

Again that's how I got my Fit-bit (as stated above) and a few other nice items, by asking my online community or my in person community. I've also gotten a couple of new pairs of jeans, a new pair of tennis shoes, and 3 new shirts all with gift cards/as gifts...But for me, I didn't purchase anything new - and I was able to rid out quite a bit (still have a long ways to go - it's an ongoing process - my trunk is currently full of stuff to drop with friends or at Good Will).

As I reflect on this goal, it was much easier than I thought, much easier. We really are blessed people, with probably more than we ever need, this goal just helped me see that life can/will go on without all the things. And then the days where someone gives me a cart of groceries for free, I just look up to the Lord and say thanks and kick myself for ever being so worried that we won't have what we need. He is our PROVIDER and He's blessed me so much with testimonies like this.

Written 12/16/17

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