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Lists for Happiness

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

My birthday was in September, and I have to say it was possibly one of the worst birthdays ever, at least in my experience. And it wasn't just because I felt old, there were a lot of other things at play. My bs (bible study) ladies made the best of it and I was able to go out for dinner for the first time ever without little one. It was a monumental moment, adult beverages and conversation and everything! So it wasn't all bad.

Why do I bring it up? Because one of the bs ladies got me a sweet gift, a book called '52 lists for happiness' - it's a journal. The concept is that you complete a new list and then reflect on it for a week. You do this once a week for a year, then voila - happiness - HA! Just kidding, but it's a great cleansing and focused process of getting you to reflect on things that make you happy or things that could be holding you back from being happy.

Well, I'm enjoying it to say the least. I'm a list person. Seriously - nothing works better for me organizationally than making a list. I've tried reminders on my phone, I've tried a multitude of planners, and calendars, but lists by far work the best. Simple paper, pen and lists.  I must see it to really get to work on it - out of sight out of mind is definitely a hazard to me.

This week's list has me a bit stumped - even though a few others stumped me good too, this one I've not been able to even start. So what's the topic? "List the things (from your past and present) that feel like blockades in the way of happiness"


Well just sitting here now I thought of the first thing...and it's a material/organizational thing, having to do with our home. So it's not a life/death thing, but it definitely can hold me back. Whew - maybe just writing this blog helped me find that out.

But I can't really think of another thing...

How about you? It's a great question to ponder...and a great challenge to overcome. I'll share more insights from the cool book in the future. For now...have a great week!

Written 11/6/17

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