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Five month Friday

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Yesterday our little one turned 5 months old on a Friday and her name is all day long we called it "Faithful's Five month Friday" - we do silly things like that around here.

What a five months it's been, we love our little angel and she's so full of love and happiness and joy. God blessed us with the sweetest girl, she's got the best demeanor, she's interested in everything, she love to learn, she loves to be a part of the conversations and touch everything, in the house, in the garden, she loves to watch the leaves on the trees dance in the wind, she loves snuggles with mom and loves talks and giggles with dad, she loves when dad plays guitar and sings to her, she's full of love. She's rolling over and scooting on her back, she's attempting to jump out of her swing/bouncy chair and to sit out world!

While I haven't done a monthly picture, I don't do as much on my phone as I used to, I usually have my hands full with baby, I just wanted to document some of her loves.

Yesterday she did a new thing, which it seems like daily there's a new thing - but this one is fun, she's trying to repeat what we are doing, so yesterday she tried to make the same noises I was making to her and this went on all day - I know it's just the beginning, but it was SUPER fun...

We can't wait for all the firsts and all the fun! What a blessing you are Faithful! So thankful God gave you to us! We love you!

Written 8/5/17

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