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Big Feelings...

Friends, I feel like writing has just died...but here's the thing, reading has grown. I can't believe how many books I've devoured in the last year and a half. SO. MANY. GOOD. BOOKS.

If you want to see my reading list - you'll have to get with it and connect with me on one of my favorite apps - Goodreads. And no they are not a sponsor unless they want to be - lol!

But that's not the point of my blog tonight. The point is, I've been living some life. I've been working on some things and I've been in and out and back in and well still in some really deep and hard places in the last year. So my writing has been ignored, probably because of the raw emotions, the exhaustion, the emotions running up and down and all around. Do you get me?

I'm here tonight to say the latest book has sort of put some wind beneath my wings and let me know that as a writer, you just have to KEEP ON WRITING...and I've heard that many times, but it's like God is really hammering it home to me in the last few weeks.

From job interviews to friends mentioning persistence and encouraging me, to even the book I'm currently reading sharing insight, stories, and inspiration. But this book has given me more than inspiration, it's sort of been a swift kick in the arse, to say the least. Have you read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? If not, I'm going to recommend it, even though I haven't completely finished it - about 80% of the way through.

One of the quotes I love from it (as a pseudo perfectionist):

"Perfectionism is just a high-end, haute couture version of fear. I think perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat, pretending to be elegant when actually it's just terrified."

GAH!!!! Does that hit anyone else? Thinking of perfectionism as another form of how fear manifests? It certainly hit me, because I think I will overthink things to the point of not doing them or just letting them go for fear of getting them wrong. And isn't that just fear?

It also talks about the dedication and hard work that most people have to put into something that they really love in order to see any results (note, I did not mention good results, just results). Meaning that most people have some natural talent, but that that talent has usually been paired with a tremendous amount of hard work.

The funny thing is that you'd think I know this after years of being an athlete, a student, a trainer, a salesperson, a manager, a Christian, a mother, a yoga instructor, a friend. You get out of it what you put into it and for most, practice over perfect yields the best results. So here I am, writing a blog post. Mostly for myself and of course for any of you that want to read it. But really, because I need it, I need to JUST DO IT as the Nike ads say. (By the way, this slogan dates me - because I was in Junior High/High School when it came!)

The book also talks about those ideas we all get, that we don't follow through on and then we see others doing what we thought of...and the author discusses the idea that ideas will get out there, whether you take them or not. Which sort of reminded me of some bible studies I've done and some scriptures too, where it talks about God's plans will succeed with or without you, and yet He'd really like to have you work alongside Him.

Again, this isn't a book plug or a book review so to speak, it's just a spark of inspiration and a desire to get back in the groove of writing. If you feel any of this or you've read the book, leave a comment below. Or maybe you want to inspire a family member or friend, send this along to them! Peace and love,


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