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A little pep talk and planning

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

It's Saturday and for the last year or more I've had a reminder set in my calendar that says BLOG - so here are my stats of how much I have listened to myself and that little reminder. A reminder that was set with such good intentions... 2016 - 3 published blogs, 1 draft 2015 - 11 published blogs, 5 drafts 2014 - 14 published blogs, 4 drafts 2013 - 6 published blogs  So, 52 weeks in a year, that should equal 52 blogs? Whoops... Why do these stats interest me? Probably because as I've started almost ten blogs I've never published, I know what I was thinking at that time...Oh I'll go back and finish it later! Nope, can't do it, why? Because it's totally an inspired word, at least for me, a bit of a revelation. I've found, it's not something you can just go back and complete. Believe me I've tried. Setting all judgments aside - (I almost, yep here I go, I almost wrote, maybe I was emotional when I wrote it, gotta let that leave my brain right now). So here's what happens - I go back and I read some those drafts and some of them have some depth, some meat, some thoughts I'd like to share. So, I have thought about just posting them with a disclaimer like you see in shops that resale items or sell discount items - AS IS - No returns, no additional discounts - take it or leave it...that's what they mean right?  So as I sit here flushing this out...maybe I will do that, post these unfinished blogs with a disclaimer. Hmmm, actually, who needs one, the title of my blog itself is Completely Unfinished. Doesn't that say it right there? So are you on board? You with me? Should I just post/publish those?  A few extra notes - the dates they were written will be relevant, much more so than the dates they are published, but if I remove me from the equation and get back to the purpose of why I write, I write for others to see, others to hear, others to feel and see that life is not always a bowl full of cherries. And then I can't deny, I write for selfish reasons too - I write for me - because, for me, it's a space where I can clear out the clutter, get it down on paper, try to make sense of my thoughts... OK - so we have a plan! Sounds like a plan. Oh yes, I love plans, I love organizing, I love making lists! So, prayerfully you will follow and understand, as I have 10 posts to do over the next few weeks. Maybe I'll post one every other day? Who knows, maybe one everyday? Just do it - get it all out there. Thanks to all of you who are reading this now - as today's blog is totally rambling, organizing some thoughts and all out total and utter spewing on the computer! I appreciate you for hopping or hobbling along with me on this journey. I truly hope 2017 holds way more posts on the blog. And that I actually pay attention to the good reminders I've set on my phone. For me that means that I do what I believe is possible, that I "MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT" (2017 theme). And at the end of 2017 we raise our mug of coffee or glass of spirits and we toast "Here's to life" (a line in one of my favorite band's songs - bonus if you know it)...thank you! Blessings today and all the days ~ kb

Written 1/21/17

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