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A Day in the Life

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Day 15 of the 30 day writing challenge - bullet point your whole day

  • Woke up, grabbed phone

  • Little one woke up, came running into bedroom, jumped on bed all smiley and wished us good morning (best part of morning)

  • Got up made coffee for me and tea for husband

  • Got little one vitamins, water and breakfast bar

  • Put away dishes

  • Got little one dressed

  • Sat down to drink coffee, little one ran up to me and jumped on my lap

  • Cuddled a bit

  • Got up, got dressed, went for a 3.4 mile walk

  • Listened to bible study/video and caught up with my MOPS group

  • Came home ate pancakes and eggs - Hubs made breakfast while I was walking

  • Played with little one

  • Cleaned up breakfast and kitchen

  • Played with little one more

  • Took shower

  • Put little one down for nap

  • Worked for a few hours

  • Made an amazing dinner of cabbage stir fry and Asian pork chops

  • Ate dinner

  • Cleaned up dinner

  • Watched a movie and cuddled with little one

  • Got little one ready for bed, daddy read stories and we both tucked her in

  • Did dishes and cleaned up kitchen, while listening to a great interview on @WorldRelief

  • Poured a glass of wine

  • Sat down to check social media and drink said glass of wine

  • Posted a meme of my favorite movies to watch over and over (day 14)

  • Little one yelled so had to go check on her, she claimed she heard a noise and I said I only hear you yelling and she said "That wasn't me momma!" - LOL

  • Came and told husband said funny story

  • Sat down in bed and am writing this post

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